Friday, January 16, 2009


So I am in this Biggest loser contest and I don't want to be the Biggest loser, What diets work for you? I want to get everyones on this! This over weight thing is not going to be a part of my life anymore!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

*~*A Quick Catch Up*~*

Sorry that I haven't written in some time, I feel like my whole world has been so busy. Alyssa has had the chicken pox for the last 3 weeks :( She was doing really good for a little while where all her little spots were crusted over and she wasn't contagious and Monday she woke up with more and everyday I think I find more. Poor little one, I feel so bad but there isn't much that I can do. I feel like the poor little girl is always sick. I wish that I could take a week off and be with her but the way things are I can't afford to take work off. I am so grateful for my mother, sister, mother in-law and my sister in-laws for all that they do to help us out. Thank you to you all. Alyssa is talking a lot now she thinks that she is brilliant and so do I. She is so much fun, I love to hang out with her its hard lately with her being sick but she still is my fun little angel.
Ryan started school again, he does so much for our little family and I love and appreciate him for all he does. He is really an amazing guy (he is cute too :) ). I am spoiled to have Alyssa, and Ryan in my life.
As for me I am still working at the Police station. I help my mom out with weddings here and there.
I have been to the doctor I think 20 times in the last month for all three of us. I feel like I could be an old woman, I am falling apart. The doctor thinks that I need my gal blatter is the reason for making me sick all the time. I can't go and have the test done because of money reasons so I am just dealing with the sickness, also I need my knee scooped and I am too stubborn to do that plus to expensive. There is more but I am done whining. :)
This last Sunday My in-laws, Ryan and I started doing the biggest loser contest and who ever wins get a $120.00 and I am going to win I need the money to buy new clothes for when I am all skinny. Plus I am sick of being so over weight so bring it on Merrells! Also we are doing it with my family as well so far its just my mom and I and I think she is winning she looks awesome she is a smaller pant size than me and she is so beautiful. Though she started like 4 months ago. Well Love you all but I need to get ready for work.
Mom you are really great and thanks for your help with everything you and dad has helped out our family so much and I love you!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here is a Picture of my Big Family

This Picture was taken by my Sister in-law Miranda. I just made it black and white. I don't know why but I love block and white.