Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alyssa's & Mom's Adventure~

I woke up this morning made pancakes for breakfast and might I add they were quite tasty!!! After breakfast I wanted to go to the gym, I live in a DARK basement apt so I never get to see the light of day and as I walked out the Sun was so amazing and it felt so good to be out there. I went to the gym and came back and I didn't want to stop at that I went and asked Alyssa if she wanted to go out side and she hurried and helped me find her shoes and she was ready to go. It was supposed to only be around the school and it ended up to be about 2 miles and I would have kept going but she needed to get home for her nap! Here are some pictures of our findings and our adventures that I took with my phone! Love you all!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

O' MY GOSH!!! A POST!!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry about my slacking on this blog. My life feels like it never has a moment to my self to do what I want! Ryan is always so busy with work and school and I am so busy with work, Alyssa and seems like everything else. Ryan is really a wonderful person and I am so great full for him. Ok I will stop with the mushy..... Alyssa has gone 2 weeks with out being sick **Knock on wood** She is so cute she is my little princess she likes to *try* to help out with everything(and ends up making a bigger mess) but that is ok she is cute and can get away with it all you have to do is look at my house and you would know that she does lol. I have been doing alright I have had a couple of rocky weeks I would say but I can't really complain I have such a beautiful family to make up for it. I go in on Thursday to the hospital to see why I am sick all the time - nothing big. For the most part I am blessed with people that love me :). I had a lot of fun doing my little cousin and her best friends hair for their sweethearts dance tonight and it turned out pretty cute I only had from 4-7pm to do 2 up dos so I think for the time frame I had I did a dang good job! I am posting pictures. Well I will post more pictures of my family sometime this week I hope I need to get to bed Good night all of you! Let me know how your Valentines went!!