Monday, December 15, 2008


Alyssa having fun in the snow! It was her first time playing in snow*~*~*

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here are some pictures from thanksgiving. We had two thanksgivings and they both were SO GOOD!!! I think that I am like 20 pounds heavier lol :) My mother hosted the Thanksgiving for the Zeeman side in the Party Barn and it turned out so cute, fun and delicous. Later on in the day we went to My sister in-laws house Miranda's and the tables looked so cute and the food was wonderful. Oh and the boys nerded out on the playing the PS3 while we were getting things ready. Boys will be boys! All in all the day was a lot of fun and it was a good day. Oh and the Bread in the Picture I made and it turned out so good! I was pretty excited. Also Rob and Miranda's home is so beautiful it was fun to have Thanksgiving there.

What I am Thankful for!

I am thankful for my Handsome Husband and all that he does for me. He goes to work full time and school full time and he deals with me full time, so I am dearly thankful for him for that. I know that its not easy at times but I am thankful for Ryan for never giving up and for being so great. I am so thankful for my beautiful little girl that brings so much joy and happiness into my life. I am truly spoiled to have her, she is such a good girl and always has more of a smile than a frown. She is so easy to babysit (so I hear) and she is so easy to make happy for the most part, she is a little child so she does have her moments. I am also thankful to have a job that gives me a little extra money to help get by and its a lot of fun. And to you all Friends and Family I am thankful for you for being so great and always being there when we have needed you and also when we just needed a break. Thanks again to all of you!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hair Change!

Ok So I finally changed my hair! I do not look like me, its a BIG Change. Ok so I am not sure if I like it better or not but its nice to have a change. I hate these pictures of me but here you go!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Pics from my B-day

So I celebrated my birthday the Sunday before with my great family and had a AWESOME chocolate cake from Costco and after that day you can see how much was left from the cake :). Then on my birthday Ryan and I went out to eat to Applebee's (My Favorite Restaurant) I ordered my usual the Applebee's House sirloin(YUM) and Ryan order his usual the Bourbon steak, when we received our order Ryan took a bite out of his and commented to me that his steak tastes like musk LIKE OLD MENS MUSK, so I took a bite thinking he is crazy, and IT DID, it tasted like what BOD(Cologne) Smells like. YUCK!!!! I took a bite of my Steak and I was in Heaven!!! I Loved mine, it was cooked to perfection (med. well) just how I like it, it melted into my mouth. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back. Then we went shopping for some Christmas Presents since we are never in Orem and with out Ali. Then the next Sunday we celebrated with his family it was so much fun, his little sister gave me a gift card to bath and body works(I think she is trying to tell me something, like I stink, geez how rude lol) jk and his mother gave me some money and other sister gave me a cool wall hanging that pictures go into! His mom made me my favorite better than sex cake and it was really delicious, so.......... yeah that is my last week from sun to sun lol. Well I hope I have more to talk about next post than myself :S I can't help it I had a great week and wanted all to know!!!! Love You all thanks for being great! Oh and to those Creeps out there YOU SUCK!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here is my Picture from my birthday its not the best but hey its me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Friends and Family

I am grateful to my friends and family for all that they do! Thank you to all for all the "Happy Birthdays" I received this last week. I had a really good birthday thanks to all of you, my wonderful Husband and beautiful daughter. I have to admit that my birthday is one of my favorite times of year and probably will be for a long time! I don't have any pictures yet the only picture I have is on ryan's phone so I need to get his phone from him! Thank you all again!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some PAST Questions

2.WHAT KIND OF CAR DID YOU DRIVE? Anyone that I could get my hands on.
7. WERE YOU A NERD? Heck No I was Cute!!!! :) j/k
12. WHERE DID YOU SIT FOR LUNCH? In a car with all my friends and went places.
14. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S MASCOT AND COLORS? the lion, green and silver
15. DID YOU GO TO HOMECOMING AND WITH WHO? Yes, ummmm can't remember his name
16. IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN WOULD YOU? NO! High school is ridiculous now!!!
17. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT GRADUATION? I didn't walk with all the students I just stayed home and relaxed it was so awesome!!!!
18. WHERE DID YOU GO SENIOR SKIP DAY? My friends threw a party in Orem and just hung out to watch retarded kids.
21. WHO WAS YOUR PROM DATE? Daniel Blaney
22. ARE YOU PLANNING ON GOING TO YOUR 10 YEAR REUNION? Yeah I want to see what people look like and see how they are doing
23. DID YOU HAVE A JOB IN HIGH SCHOOL? Yeah I was a Waitress at Sonic

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Love My Nerds!

Ryan and Alyssa having fun playing games! UGH She is starting young with the games! But I couldn't help but take this picture its so cute! I added some pictures that I took through out the day.

My Week So Far

So I thought I would write how my week already has started. Yesterday I worked the morning shift which was awesome! I got off work went home and didn't stop cleaning till a half hour before Ryan came home, I was feeling good that I accomplished a lot, until I walked into my bedroom that all the laundry that I had done through out the day and dumped onto the bed made feel my days work I was so tired I couldn't push myself to fold it so I pushed it to the side and fell on the bed just to close my eyes and fall asleep. It was awesome to fall asleep so fast then I woke up this morning I couldn't move. I had to drive to Spanish Fork to Pay Bills and Deposit money into the bank to find out the bank was closed for Veterans day. I get to work and the calls that the officers were on were ones that I can't forget and also can't talk about but its put a damper in my mood. Tomorrow will be a better day, it is my birthday and I love my birthday. Always have and always will!!! Yay for birthdays!!! Maybe when I am turning 50 I will have a different opinion about birthdays lol! Well Here are a lot of pictures that I said I would post from Halloween.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Alyssa Is Growing up!

Alyssa Started to count yesterday(kind of). She thinks that she doesn't have to listen so I will usually ask her to stop and if she won't we start the counting to go sit on a chair. In this case the counting had to start ONE, then I heard a Two(it was so cute) so I decided to keep going to see how much she would do, three(me) Five(her) Well she at least knows two numbers even if one is out of order! Everyday she looks older and older, and she is learning so much, I feel like I am looking at a little person instead of a baby and it makes me sad. And for all those who are thinking "then have another little baby" that is out of the question for right know, at least. She is so much fun, she fell asleep on my lap today and that was so much fun! I am going to miss these fun times when she gets older. I think even though I will have more kids I am not going to forget their little personalities when they are young. Well its midnight and I am tired I have to get up in 6 hours for work! I will post pictures from Halloween soon I hope.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Its Amazing How Wonderful People Can Be

So I am at work and reading my e-mail and came across this story and read it and almost started to cry, luckly I was at work so I held back the tears.

Am I A Fireman Yet??

In Phoenix , Arizona , a 26-year-old mother stared down at her 6
year old son, who was dying of terminal leukemia.

Although her heart was filled with sadness, she also had a strong
feeling of determination.

Like any parent, she wanted her son to grow up & fulfill all
his dreams.

Now that was no longer possible.

The leukemia would see to
that. But she still wanted her son's dream to come true.

She took her son's hand and
asked, 'Billy, did you ever think about what you wanted to be once
you grew up?

Did you ever dream and wish what you would do with your life?'
Mommy, 'I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up.'

Mom smiled back and said, 'Let's see if we can make your wish come

Later that day she went to her local fire Department in Phoenix ,
Arizona , where she met Fireman Bob, who had a heart as big as

She explained her son's final wish and Asked if it might be
possible to give her 6 year-old son a ride around the block on a
fire engine.

Fireman Bob said, 'Look, we can do better than that. If you'll have
your son ready at seven o'clock Wednesday morning, we'll make him
an honorary Fireman for the whole day. He can come down to the fire
station, eat with us, go out on all the fire calls, the whole nine
yards! And if you'll give us his sizes, we'll get a real fire uniform for him, with a real fire hat - not a toy one-with the emblem of the Phoenix Fire Department on it, a yellow slicker like we wear and rubber boots.'
'They're all manufactured right here in Phoenix , so we can get them fast.'

Three days later Fireman Bob picked up Billy, dressed him in his
uniform and escorted him from his hospital bed to the waiting hook
and ladder truck..

Billy got to sit on the back of the truck and help steer it back to
the fire station..

He was in heaven.

There were three fire calls in Phoenix that day and Billy got to go
out on all three calls.

He rode in the different fire engines, the Paramedic's' van, and
even the fire chief's car.

He was also videotaped for the local news program.

Having his dream come true, with all the love and attention that
was lavished upon him, so deeply touched Billy, that he lived three
months longer than any doctor thought possible.

One night all of his vital signs began to drop dramatically and the
head nurse, who believed in the hospice concept - that no one should die alone, began to call the family members to the hospital.

Then she remembered the day Billy had spent as a Fireman, so she
called the Fire Chief and asked if it would be possible to send a fireman in uniform to the hospital to be with Billy as he made his transition. The chief replied, 'We can do better than that. We'll be there in five minutes. Will you please do me a favor? When you hear the sirens screaming and see the lights flashing, will you announce over the PA system that there is not a fire?''It's the department coming to see one of its finest members one more time. And will you open the window to his room?'

About five minutes later a hook and ladder truck arrived at the hospital and extended its ladder up to Billy's third floor open window-------- 16 fire-fighters
climbed up the ladder into Billy's room.

With his mother's permission, they hugged him and held him and told him how much they LOVED him. With his dying breath, Billy looked up at the fire chief and said,
'Chief, am I really a fireman now?'

'Billy, you are, and the Head Chief, Jesus, is holding your hand,' the chief said

With those words, Billy smiled and said,'I know, He's been holding my hand all day, and The angels have been singing..'

He closed his eyes one last time.

See I told you that it is sad and would make you want to cry. I hope that we never give up on any of our dreams.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Ryan, Alyssa, my family and I all went to the Red barn for the pumpkin patch. We had a lot of fun! Alyssa had six shots yesterday so she has been running a fever so she had fun but I think it wasn't as much as she probably wanted to. She was so cute, Ryan watched her while I carried the pumpkins and it was so cute to see them both have some fun!

After words went went back to my mothers home and decorated them really cute, and decorated yummy cookies. All in all it was a fun day.