Wednesday, April 25, 2012

They are Frustrating and so lovable!

Sorry for the delay in posts, it seems that is just how I work. At least I post every once in awhile :0)
I don't know how people have lots of kids, I love my kids more than anything in the world, I am however having the hardest time adjusting to having TWO kids. Why am I having such a hard time it's 2 kids and they are so cute to. Landon is in love with his big sister, she walks by or comes into the room and he gets the biggest smile on his face. He started to roll over more this morning, it probably took so long to roll over because of all his little butter ball rolls, he is so chunky and so handsome! I can't believe that he is 6 1/2 months old. His first word was Dada but only said it once, he says momma all the time though ;o).  Alyssa is so tall and skinny now, I registered her for kindergarten for fall and she has been going to a neighborhood preschool in preparation. Where did my little girl go, they grow up so fast. She is a huge help, she is always wanting to give Landon toys and gets diapers for me when needed. She is my little angel, though since Landon was born she acts out now. The talking back, not listening, throwing toys because she is in trouble and not eating has started. She gets extremely jealous of Landon because he takes up a lot of moms time. I make sure to have mommy time with her everyday and take her on mommy and Ali dates here and there and she goes on Daddy dates all the time. She has been trying to out do him in the most simple things, I will say good job buddy ( for rolling over) and the next thing I hear is mom look I can roll over more..... Me "Yay you pooped Landon, good job",.... Alyssa "mom I can poop lots"..... Me "Look how handsome you are" Alyssa " Well I am beautiful" (Trust me when I say I don't miss a day that I tell her that she is beautiful, how could I, she is the most beautiful thing ever). She has the attention span of 2.5 seconds..... I love this little girl, I don't love however the attitude. I deserve it, I was a little shit monster to my parents and I feel so bad about it all the time. She had a sleep over at my moms the other day and I was super excited for a break, when she was gone I was missing her.... It's amazing how much someone so little can be so FRUSTRATING but so LOVE ABLE.
Someday I will get the hang of everything. I really am trying to be the best wife and mother, for me it's harder then it looks. I fail at most things but I am determined to get them right, it might take me 30 yrs..... Sorry for the rant, I hope all is well with you!

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M & T Peterson said...

Adjusting to 2 was harder then adjusting to 3, for me at least. Hang in there.