Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bridalvale falls Walk

Hey Bloggers- Lindsey here,
---Today I was able to hang out with my two best friends, Ryan and Ali Bean. Our first adventure was going to Tucanos for lunch, and boy was it great food! Alyssa loved being in the high chair and with all the noise there it kept her very entertained as well as that high chair her little legs did not want to dangle in the front of her, she was turning around and the belt was not going to hold her in place (she just had to much fun). She loved the food and she made the cutest bitter faces.
---Our second adventure we went to Bridalvale Falls for a walk and to get out of the house and I loved the view I wish I would have brought our camera for pictures, I was able to take some with the phone but that was about it. Alyssa Loved watching the waterfall she looked like she was about to jump in. She is so adorable!
---Until next time - Lindsey


Robbie, Mig, and Baby J said...

yeah for blog friends!!!

Amanda A said...

Awww Alyssa is getting so big.Very cute!!

Robbie, Mig, and Baby J said...

Alright Lindsey and Ryan...seriously. It's been forever since we've had an update here. Get choppin'!!