Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Week So Far

So I thought I would write how my week already has started. Yesterday I worked the morning shift which was awesome! I got off work went home and didn't stop cleaning till a half hour before Ryan came home, I was feeling good that I accomplished a lot, until I walked into my bedroom that all the laundry that I had done through out the day and dumped onto the bed made feel my days work I was so tired I couldn't push myself to fold it so I pushed it to the side and fell on the bed just to close my eyes and fall asleep. It was awesome to fall asleep so fast then I woke up this morning I couldn't move. I had to drive to Spanish Fork to Pay Bills and Deposit money into the bank to find out the bank was closed for Veterans day. I get to work and the calls that the officers were on were ones that I can't forget and also can't talk about but its put a damper in my mood. Tomorrow will be a better day, it is my birthday and I love my birthday. Always have and always will!!! Yay for birthdays!!! Maybe when I am turning 50 I will have a different opinion about birthdays lol! Well Here are a lot of pictures that I said I would post from Halloween.