Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Pics from my B-day

So I celebrated my birthday the Sunday before with my great family and had a AWESOME chocolate cake from Costco and after that day you can see how much was left from the cake :). Then on my birthday Ryan and I went out to eat to Applebee's (My Favorite Restaurant) I ordered my usual the Applebee's House sirloin(YUM) and Ryan order his usual the Bourbon steak, when we received our order Ryan took a bite out of his and commented to me that his steak tastes like musk LIKE OLD MENS MUSK, so I took a bite thinking he is crazy, and IT DID, it tasted like what BOD(Cologne) Smells like. YUCK!!!! I took a bite of my Steak and I was in Heaven!!! I Loved mine, it was cooked to perfection (med. well) just how I like it, it melted into my mouth. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back. Then we went shopping for some Christmas Presents since we are never in Orem and with out Ali. Then the next Sunday we celebrated with his family it was so much fun, his little sister gave me a gift card to bath and body works(I think she is trying to tell me something, like I stink, geez how rude lol) jk and his mother gave me some money and other sister gave me a cool wall hanging that pictures go into! His mom made me my favorite better than sex cake and it was really delicious, so.......... yeah that is my last week from sun to sun lol. Well I hope I have more to talk about next post than myself :S I can't help it I had a great week and wanted all to know!!!! Love You all thanks for being great! Oh and to those Creeps out there YOU SUCK!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had such a great birthday!!! That cake looked delicious and those flowers are beautiful!!

Shug said...

mmmmk... how do you know what cologne tastes like?