Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alyssas Birthday

Alyssa is now one years old! CRAZY, it feels like just yesterday she was born(but at the same time it doesn't) I didn't really understand how much work it would be. I have done parties in the past but when its for your own child it is a whole another ball game. I was really tired by the time it had started but it was a lot of fun. I was really happy about the turn out. I made sure I didn't give her any treats the whole day for when it came time for cake we would have a sugar happy baby. That didn't happen like I thought it would, she picked at it slowly and only ate like 3 regular bites. She received a lot of fun toys and also she had a lot to tell people in baby talk. To bad I couldn't understand her she was probably saying mom your crazy but I love you :). When all was said and done and people were going home we had friends stay till around mid night talking and watching things on TV. Ali was so tired but really tried to stay awake to play and fell asleep in here chair she is so cute. Next year I think we are going to do a small b-day, it sounds easier. I am glad my mother came to the rescue and helped me set up and clean up in the end I was worn out!!! I will post pictures of her party later when I get my main computer and camera working! Love you all, goodnight!!!

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Any Francielly said...

your daughter is so beautiful...
she will be a special girl!!!