Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wedding Day Disaster

Our wedding day was one day to remember, I mean everyone remembers their wedding day but mine was very out there. The morning of our wedding day I was up at 2AM with people down stairs making noises and running around. I walked down the stairs to have my mother tell me to go to bed (in a panic voice like I would find out what was going wrong). I looked out the window, it was poring out side with heavy winds. It wouldn't matter if my wedding was inside and I didn't set the backdrop up the night before. The backdrop had blown over, the lights on it broke, and the tables were all knocked over as well. We never would have set the wedding up if we knew it would have rained or even a slight chance of rain, the forecast said beautiful weather no chance of rain but to our surprise it was still saying that when it was poring. I went back to my room like my mother insisted and could not go back to sleep. Around 4am I got out of bed and jumped into the shower and then went to Orem to have my hair and makeup done. 7am came along and they were almost done with my hair and I get a reassuring phone call that things were looking up at home. The weather was looking kind of scary but it had stopped raining. 8am came and we were at the temple getting ready and I was doing better and had calmed down for the most part. As Ryan and I were sitting there waiting, they came to tell us they were about ready and all the sudden I became ill to the stomach and had to get up and leave Ryans side and head to the rest room. I wasn't having second thoughts I just was excited to the point I was sick, Ryan was a little worried though :). After the sealing was done and I was officially a Mrs. we walked out to do pictures and the weather was perfect. As we left we had time before the reception we went home and went to sleep (honestly) we were so tired. Now here comes the best part the Reception: we arrived and it started to pore again everything is set up I am in tears and my uncle calls to make things even better, he just heard over the radio of a Tornado warning for UT County(which no tornadoes decided to join my wedding thank goodness). The whole entire night the rain was off and on and so were my tears. I designed my cake and it was beautiful thanks to my mother but the fountain never made it out to complete it, my sign in book was lost no one could find it till close to the end, I had wonderful pictures done but none of me throwing the bouquet or guarder, and none of my line or bridesmaids. My photographer was great till they left before any of the exciting things that were about to happen that everyone wants pictures of. I did have people there that had cameras and took pictures for me. By the end of the night I was ready to be done. Even through all the rain and everything the wedding still looked really pretty. We got to our car to leave and there were two blown up balloons stuffed in a HUGE bra hooked to the front of my car. That was great but there was chocolate and underwear all over our car and with the rain the chocolate ended up looking like someone had used the restroom on our car lol. We arrived at the hotel and went to check in and the receptionist was a girl that used to had the biggest crush on Ryan so you could see how it was really uncomfortable for her hehe(I married him sucks to be her) and I am not going to tell you what happened the rest of the night. The next day we checked out went to our apartment and a week later looked on our card and the Receptionist had charged us double the little .. y I outta .. OK so it wasn't that bad we called and resolved that. So that is my (long) summary of my wedding day. Oh and I Married the Hottest Guy ever and he is all mine ;)!

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